Surgeons about to perform micro-surgery do not need to know the intricacies of how the tech in their operating theatre will work – they just need to know that it will not let them down. The same goes if you are in a lift going up to the nty-nth floor – a juddering halt between the levels would send shivers down your spine.

Given the complexity of electromechanical processes, it is no wonder then that selecting the right companies to outsource systems integration and assembly work has become a critical part of every contract.

Cabinet assembly, control panels, racks and enclosures are all part of our everyday manufacturing and assembly workload. We have worked with most of our suppliers for many years so we know we can rely on them for quality, reliability and working to tight lead times and specific budgets.

EC Electronics begins an electronics box build project with the design: our experts study your CAD design and work with you at every step to ensure that the delivered solution perfectly fits your brief. We will give you detailed drawings so that you can see the exact layout of the box and give you a full specification of every component. This specification includes everything from the type of wiring we recommend right through the size of the box and where the holes will be for the wires. We make sure that every important decision is taken before we hand the design to our assembly staff. No one wants nasty surprises.

We also carry out functionality, earth bond and flash testing so that you know that when you unwrap the box on site it will work first time, and give your clients reliable and consistent service. If needs be, we will do a prototype or a sample but we normally find that our processes are so thorough that is not necessary.

EC Electronics does not just sit inside the electronics box build, we also think outside of them. Our collaborative approach ensures that clients back to us again and again. That, and the fact that we are people like you. We take pride in what we do so that when the surgeon, motorist, scientist, dentist, builder or shopper presses a button they know that they won’t be let down. In fact, they probably won’t even know our product is there at all.

Our electronics box build specialists offer a single source dedicated assembly service, including the mounting and integration of PCBs, associated power and electrical equipment, interconnect cabling and wiring, component marking and electronic testing.

If you’d like to find out how we can help manufacture your next product, simply get in touch at or visit for more information.