We are introducing a new major sustainability initiative at EC Electronics, which the team is extremely passionate about! While we operate as a global company (requiring travel and the movement of goods), we know that we can do better to help improve our carbon footprint.

ISO14001 2015

ISO 14001:2015 certified

Our UK business was first certified in 2012, and we are dedicated to maintaining our environmental management system to ensure it meets evolving international industry standards. Implementing this certification helps us to continue to meet environmental laws and regulations, as well as manage the immediate and long-term environmental impacts of our processes.

We recognise that as a global organisation, we need to consistently consider our impact on the planet. The framework of our ISO 14001:2015 certification helps us to identify and mitigate any risks to the planet as a result of our operations.

Our environmental policy

We are committed to protecting the environment through fulfilling our compliance obligations, preventing pollution, managing all waste and ensuring that any and all growth is carried out sustainably. Our environmental policy is under continuous review to ensure the efforts made to improve our operations are in line with current and changing regulations.

By liaising with our clients and suppliers, we will continue to identify risks and work closely with them to remove any potential problems and resolve any concerns.

Environmental Policy EC
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Our strategic objectives

  • Roll out ISO 14001 standards across all group businesses and locations, ultimately achieving certification for all group businesses and sites.

  • Recognise that we are an international business trading globally with our customers and supply chain.

  • Mitigate wherever possible the need for the movement of goods and people – whilst maintaining excellent customer service and efficient supply chain management.

  • Make a positive contribution to society and minimise potential adverse environmental impacts.

  • Build partnerships with our customers and suppliers that focus on jointly improving our environmental impact.

  • Increase employee awareness of our environmental impact and encourage involvement from everyone to initiate and deliver improvement projects.

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