EC Electronics is a leading UK & European electronics manufacturing services provider for OEMs and product innovators.

Our Mission

To be the best-in-class electronics manufacturing services partner for OEMs and product innovators.

We strive to do this by continuously improving production techniques, logistics and engineering to provide superior value and service to our customers.

Leading UK & European electronics manufacturing services provider.

We have been in the electronics contract manufacturing business since 1984. In this time, we have gained a wealth of experience — producing and supplying high-quality electronics-based products to customers across numerous industries.

In almost 40 years, we have worked on a wide range of exciting projects for customers in a variety of markets — from healthcare and industrial to automotive and IoT.

As well as experience, we also bring innovative ideas to the table. We like to keep our finger on the pulse of the electronics industry and are always adapting to the ever-changing market and customer demand with new services, additional resources, increased capacity and the latest technology and processes.

Yet, there is one thing that never changes: our uncompromising dedication to quality.

From initial contact to the final product and beyond, quality is our number one priority. And for nearly four decades, we have exceeded our customer’s expectations — creating a solid reputation that is backed by industry-recognised accreditations.

Electronics Manufacturing Warehouse
PCB Assembly

Global electronics manufacturing services

We are headquartered in the UK — but we are a global electronics manufacturing services provider. Our manufacturing and supply operations span the world with five facilities across the UK, Romania and, most recently, the Netherlands.

Our manufacturing and supply services

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