Case Studies

As a global electronics company, we are constantly looking at new ways to improve production techniques, logistics and engineering to provide superior value and consultancy to our customers. We understand the issues facing the industry and the continuous transformation required to thrive, which is why we’re dedicated to building new partnerships and investing in our technology.

From PCB assembly and cable assembly to electronics box build and overmoulding, our electronics experts can help turn your project into a reality. What’s more, we offer sound advice and comprehensive support to our customers, assisting with design for manufacturability, helping you take your product to market.

Here’s some real examples of our work. Take a look and see how we can help you!


Romanian Magic!

Case study: Romanian Magic! When approached by a leading international leisure company for a custom entertainment product we worked our magic! This fast turnaround project required our PCB and cable assembly expertise and the provision of e-mech parts from a specialist supply partner. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we had the capabilities, supplier relationships and [...]


Salamander Pumps

Case study: Salamander Pumps EC Electronics have enabled Salamander Pumps to improve quality and reduce the manufacturing cost of its sensors for electric shower systems by 40%. Salamander designed a Hall Effect sensor to switch the shower pump on and off as needed. The original design involved a messy, slow, inefficient process and the seal could not be [...]


Mist Bike HUD

Case study: Mist Bike HUD PCB Moulding Bike HUD is a new development in motorcycling instrumentation that promises to improve safety and enhance riding experiences. Just twelve months before launch at the UK’s most important bike show, the Bike HUD design team asked EC Electronics to help solve the last remaining design challenges, optimise the design for manufacture, [...]

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