Since 1984, when we first started the company in the UK, we have built up a strong reputation — backed by industry-recognised accreditations — for producing and supplying high-quality electronics-based products to customers across a range of industries.

Now, we are a global electronics manufacturing services provider and operate fluidly around the world to provide key manufacturing and supply services. From our five facilities in the UK, Netherlands and Romania — as well as various distribution centres across Europe — we offer a complete joined-up solution to our customers, with a single point of contact.


Optimising our operations and services

Although our facilities are spread across different locations, our teams work closely together to optimise operations and provide efficient and effective services to all our customers. Each facility offers different areas of expertise — combined, they allow us to offer a complete, unparalleled electronics manufacturing solution and the best possible level of service.

In the UK, our electronics manufacturing operations include our head office in Basingstoke and facility in Theale — both of which are dedicated new product introduction facilities. Head office supports our global operations, providing capabilities in PCB and cable assembly, as well as electronics box build, test and repair and prototype to volume. Our facility in Theale specialises in cable assembly and electronics box build, with added test and repair capabilities.

Our Romanian operations in Petrosani and Aninoasa mirror the UK facilities — offering a full range of electronics manufacturing solutions for customers needing regularly scheduled, high-volume production at competitive prices.

We also recently expanded our European presence further by opening a facility in the Netherlands. Our new Amsterdam office has allowed us to grow our operations and sales as we reach deeper into the supply chain across Europe.

Investment in these factories has meant that we can increase our service capabilities yet focus on delivering high-quality services such as cable assembly or PCBA in one place. This enables us to provide the best of both worlds — a specialist service and a comprehensive range of electronics manufacturing solutions.

Bringing multiple benefits to our customers

Having a global standing brings multiple benefits such as sustainability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and better access to resources.

Through our various locations, we have greater access to skills and resources which may not be available in one country alone. This opens up a wealth of opportunities when it comes to specialist manufacturing talent and technologies.

Having factories and teams on the ground in multiple locations also allows us to be reactive and deliver products quicker — meaning we are better equipped to handle a sudden influx of orders or to fulfil orders at short notice. Our network of facilities also enables us to co-ordinate deliveries within the same country or region, rather than shipping products overseas, which can be a costly, lengthy and unsustainable process.

Our global operations give us a better range of price options, too. Local UK production may be more beneficial for manufacturing smaller product batches, whereas manufacturing overseas allows us to mass-produce products at much lower costs to the customer. Being able to offer both ensures we can consistently meet all of our customers’ requirements.

If you would like to learn more about our global electronic manufacturing services and how we could support your next project, contact us today to discuss your requirements!