Electronic security devices have become increasingly popular for homeowners and business owners everywhere…

From full-scale industrial CCTV camera systems to home devices like Ring Smart doorbells or AirTags that can track anything from misplaced keys to lost luggage, people are searching for security in robust devices — which makes the electronics industry an exciting sector to be a part of.

And the market shows no signs of slowing down. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6% since 2021, the global electronic security market is projected to reach $259 million by 2027.

Electronic security devices are efficient, can lower costs, improve maintenance and potentially save lives. But for these advantages to work smoothly, there are three key design considerations manufacturers must be aware of…

1. Optimal performance and reliability

The most important factor of any electronic security device is reliability. The device needs to be able to perform its designated task well — every single time.

Specifically, these devices must be easy to use, difficult to disable and have good immunity against malfunctioning and the generation of false alarms, which can cost public services or building security teams valuable time and resources.

It is also imperative that security devices are tamper-proof. Implementing tight airflow channels from the outset — like packing the components and circuit boards within the device’s enclosure — will increase the difficulty of optical probing of the product internals. Equally, robust electronic box build solutions can ensure access is prohibited.

2. Remote monitoring capabilities

An increasingly important aspect of the security industry is real-time asset tracking, including everything from equipment and tools to employees and vehicles. And thanks to the advancement of the internet of things (IoT), asset tracking and other security applications can now be conducted remotely at the touch of a button, allowing for 24/7 security.

One of the first considerations for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) looking to produce security hardware is where the asset will be tracked, as this tends to dictate the kind of communications link the tracking device will require. A system that can track outdoor movement in transit will likely require a combination of communication links (and, potentially, more complex PCB and cable assemblies).

The precision required for location information is another matter that affects the choice of communications link. For ultimate accuracy, ranging based on time-of-flight or time-of-arrival information from multiple beacons will be required.

3. Integrated cyber security

In today’s digital world, physical security devices should not be treated as standalone functions. Any electronic security devices connected to the internet, such as key card door locks, asset-tracking devices and CCTV cameras, are common targets for hackers.

These hackers can implant malware, steal data or wreak havoc that disrupts business operations. So, every IoT-connected device should be equipped with cyber security features to prevent this from happening.

As such, OEMs must also consider installing security software onto devices, and both the software and hardware in electronic security devices should undergo thorough testing and vulnerability assessments.

How EC Electronics can help your project

In 2023, the margin for error is shrinking as competition ramps up and customer expectations rise.

With almost 40 years’ experience in electronics manufacturing services — from PCB assembly to full electronics box builds — we have been involved in a wide range of exciting commercial projects within the security industry, offering a range of best-in-class electronics manufacturing services to OEMs.

At EC Electronics, we only manufacture electronics to the highest quality levels, including IPC-A-610 standards for PCB assemblies and IPC/WHMA-A-620 for cable assemblies, to ensure optimal performance and reliability every time.

Coupled with our product realisation service, we can take your security products from concept to reality. We combine high volume with low cost, producing anything from electronic box builds for entry phone systems and the cable assemblies used in CCTV technology to the PCB assemblies in building access devices such as key fobs.

Want to discover more about our electronics manufacturing services and how we can help with your next security project? Contact us at +44 (0)1256 461894 or at sales@ecelectronics.com.