Have you finished your Christmas shopping? If not you may find this list of our top tech products for Christmas useful, especially if you’ve got someone tricky to buy for! By the way, if anyone wants to get the EC Electronics team a gift this year, we rather like the look of the Smarter Coffee machine…

7 Tech Products for Christmas 2018


1. Sphero BB-8 with Droid Trainer
Ever wondered how to train a droid, well now you have the answer with this Droid Trainer for your BB-8! Looks like a great way to immerse yourself in the Star Wars experience and the technology is pretty cool too. Holographic simulations of Star Wars ships and locations, all controlled from your smartphone, voice or with a Force Band accessory.

Definitely not just a toy for kids. Check it out here.

2.PS4 Pro
Another idea for big kids as well as the junior members of your family. This is the latest version of the PlayStation and features highly on many Christmas lists at EC Electronics. Improved visuals powered by 4K and HDR technology, as well as more storage so you can save your favourite games and never run out of space.

Please Santa, we’ve all been very good! Click here to explore Amazon deals.

3.USB Fridge
Now for a less expensive stocking filler. We think this USB Fridge would make an excellent desk accessory to keep chilled drinks at their optimum temperature. It holds a standard 300ml drinks can and can be plugged into the USB port on your laptop or plug socket. It’s even got a LED fridge light! All this tech at a really low price, we love gadgets like this.

More details here.

4.Smarter Coffee 2nd Gen
Here’s the coffee machine mentioned earlier. It looks like a traditional filter machine but it’s IoT enabled. You can get it to make you a coffee using a smartphone app or you can use your Amazon Echo to grind some beans and get a fresh brew on the go. It can also be personalised so you’ll always get the perfect cup of coffee, just as you like it.

We want one in the office! Have a look here.

5.Amazon Echo (2nd Gen)
If you haven’t embraced the Internet of Things in your home yet, an Amazon Echo is a great way to get started. From playing music and making phone calls to creating shopping lists and checking the football scores, it can quickly become an indispensable bit of technology. It can also communicate with other Echo-enabled technology in your home such as the Smarter Coffee machine above.

Get one here.

6.Ryze Tello Drone
Another popular tech product on the EC Electronic Christmas list is this nifty little drone. Small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, it’s perfect for using indoors as well as outside. It has a built in camera for photos and video, is WiFi enabled and can be controlled with your smartphone or remote. Another great example of IoT technology.

More details here.

7.TAG Heuer Connected Modular 41
Our final tech product for this Christmas is a big ask. With a price tag of £1,700 it really is for that special person in your life. This TAG watch doesn’t only keep time precisely, it’s also a smartwatch and runs Google’s Wear OS operating system. At first glance this watch looks like a very stylish sports watch, but the ‘winder’ that you would use in a mechanical watch wakes up the operating system transforming it into a smartwatch.

Great design and technology all in one watch. Check it out here.

We hope this has given you a few more ideas for Christmas! If you’re an inventor, entrepreneur or business that needs support developing technology products like those above, have a look at how we can help. We offer a product realisation service that can take your IoT concept or wearable tech idea from the design stage all the way through to manufacture. For more information click here.