Low Pressure Overmoulding is an innovative encapsulation process positioned between traditional potting and injection moulding technologies. This process allows you to protect your PCB and cable assemblies with an unbreakable, shock-proof solution. The overmoulding process provides a greater lifespan and reliability of products. Protecting against the elements and reducing the repair costs are all essential to companies who use cables and electronics as part of their daily life.

So, why overmould?

Why is it important to overmould your components?

  • Health & Safety: Cable protection solutions keep cables together, reducing the risks of trips, slips and potential hazards. It also keeps wires and cables free from water-damage and harmful chemicals that may cause fires or explosions.
  • Weather-proofing: Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures, bright sunshine, snow and rain can lead to premature ageing, splits and tears as well as frozen conduits.
  • Rodents: This is a particular problem especially when outside, cables are exposed to wildlife, rodents and bugs. Damaged cables can lead to malfunctioning railway lines, broken automation and even fires.
  • Efficiency & economy: Well-protected cables reduce the risks of breakdowns of vital

What are the benefits of overmoulding?

This process combines the wire and connector into one single, seamless piece, it encapsulates and protects PCB and cable assemblies and provides an almost unbreakable protection that is resistant to shock, is tamperproof and environmentally sealed. It is an effective strain relief, providing 360-degree relief and increasing pull strength. There is also the added bonus of customisation; allowing companies to include logos, part numbers or colour coding for a more attractive look. The overmoulding process also simplifies the installation by creating a one-piece assembly with keys that act as visual indicators to assist in the mating of each pair.

Unlike potting, there is no need for housing and there is very little waste throughout the over moulding process.

Who can benefit from using overmoulding?

Although initially used in the automotive industry to waterproof connectors and to add effective strain relief for wires and cables, the uses for this technology, like most ideas, have increased. Overmoulding is now used to provide electronics encapsulation across a wide range of industries, from consumer and automotive sectors, to the military and medical industry.

Altogether, overmoulding your PCB and cable assemblies can reduce costs, increase safety and protect the necessary cables from being attacked by the elements when used outside.

We have completed an extensive array of projects providing overmoulding solutions to companies in varying sectors, taking briefs, meeting high expectations and industry requirements. We are confident that our expertise can bring even the most complex projects to life.

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