EC Electronics Ltd is happy to announce that our Managing Director, Phil Simmonds features in the latest issue of Decision Magazine. Mr Simmonds remarks on why EC Electronics chose to locate a production facility in Eastern Europe, located in Petrosani, Romania, over China.

“We wouldn’t have considered China because the red tape is too much for a company at our level then, we chose Romania because of their skill-set and now 90% of our manufacturing takes place at our factory in Eastern Europe.”

When choosing a site for the factory, Mr Simmonds preferred a Greenfield approach rather than an acquisition as it offered less risk to the company and allowed EC to hire local Romanian production and management team. The factory has the same equipment that is used in our UK facility and the staff are expertly trained, with a higher first time pass rate in Romania, than when production was first undertaken in the UK.

However, Mr Simmonds has not ignored the Far East’s potential completely using a buyer transferred from the Basingstoke head office to Hong Kong, this buyer procures the best quality components and products for the cheapest price to further minimise EC’s costs. This UK, Romania Far East triangle allows EC to deliver products for customers in the most cost effective way, without compromising on quality.

To read the full article, look at page 139 in Issue 67 of Decision Magazine. Decision magazine is the business lifestyle magazine for directors and senior managers at medium and large companies in the central south of England est. 1988.