Across the UK there is a booming electronics industry comprising numerous firms engineering electronic components for the automotive, aeronautic and marine sectors.

Our technology is in Volvo cars, Jaguar Land Rover, JCB tractors and rail control systems for Bombardier Transportation. We work with many engineering firms who supply technology solutions to the transportation industry, supplying often very small components that make planes, trains and automobiles (and boats) work effectively.

Many of these electronic solutions enhance the customer experience, but their users probably have no idea they’re there. Take for example the heated nozzle jets we’ve designed for use in Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover vehicles. These form part of the windscreen washer system and ensure that washer fluid is at the optimal temperature and is sprayed effectively across the windscreen.

These innocuous components are designed and engineered to improve the driver’s experience, ensuring that seasonal changes in temperature do not affect windscreen washer performance. They’re a small yet important component in these popular cars.

Similarly, have you ever seen how the step in some Mercedes’ Vito or Sprinter Taxis lowers to allow disabled access? The technology that facilitates this is another EC Electronics solution!

Electronics For Transportation

In other areas of transportation there are firms like EC Electronics manufacturing all kinds of electronics that make planes, trains and automobiles safe. We’ve supplied electronics for rail control and signally systems, helping to ensure that rail systems run effectively, safely and profitably.

We’ve also manufactured computer racking for use within boats and other marine vessels. In challenging environments – whether at sea, in the air or travelling at high speed – computer hardware is subjected to different forces than in an office environment. Therefore racking and cooling systems must be specifically designed to cope with these pressures.

Returning to the land, EC Electronics has also got our technology in JCB tractors. You may think that the steering control or joystick in a tractor is just a piece of moulded plastic, but it also has some very advanced electronics operating inside.

There are numerous other examples of everyday processes and systems operating in our cars, on our daily commute by rail, or in the plane we jet off on holiday in, which have been engineered by British electronics companies.

As I said at the top of this article, the UK electronics industry is booming. It contributes £80 billion to the UK economy and is the 5th largest electronics producer in the world. UK electronics are behind many of the products we buy and the things we take for granted, like being able to flick a switch to clean our windscreen even when it’s freezing outside.

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