EC Electronics are pleased to announce that we are sponsoring a charity auction event in aid of an ex-soldier, now Postman – Tim McNamara – in his challenge to climb 24 peaks in 24 hours. He hopes this charity auction will provide an extra boost in sponsorship to undertake this challenge, raising even more money for the military charity Forces Support (Hyperlink)

Forces support is a charity that supports the families of fallen soldiers through helping out with small everyday tasks such as gardening, decorating and general maintenance.

The work they do provides playa areas for children, recreational family areas in the garden, memorial areas and decorating throughout the home. They create new gardens which provide families with 1,000s of hours a year in recreational time and child play areas which do the same. They provide memorial Arbours with a plaque with some special words from the family which provide somewhere for the family to sit and reflect or remember their lost loved one. They do the work the lost family member would have done for his or her family but mainly, they do the work the family have neglected due to suffering and not coping with their grief.

The challenge of climbing 24 peaks in 24 hours will be undertaken by Mr McNamara and a friend on the 6th and 7th of June 2015. The challenge involves climbing from Bowfell to Green Gable on Day 1 – 9 peaks in 12 hours; Day 2- Red Screes- Great Dodd 15 Peaks in 11 hours. Each peak is in excess of 2,400ft and the total distance will be 32 miles.

The Charity auction charity will be held at the Sarah Mansfield, Willey on 2nd February 2015 starting at 7pm. Through a tireless twitter campaign Mr McNamara has experienced unparalleled generosity from celebrities, television channels and sports clubs to acquire a range of truly fantastic auction lots, including:

-Dinner for two

-Autographed books

– Cases of wine

-Football stadium tours

-Luxury Villa Accommodation

-Plus many more

Tickets are £5 and include a hot buffet. There will be live music being performed throughout the event courtesy of Janie Jones and Jim Lantsberry.

It looks set to be a fun and exciting evening where visitors can bag themselves a great deal, as well as raise money for a worthy cause. EC are thrilled to be able to sponsor such a fantastic event and if people are interested in purchasing tickets,  they can do so by contacting Mr McNamara direct on –07752964696.

If you cannot make the event, but wish to still Sponsor Mr McNamara with his challenge, you can make a donation by visiting his fundraising page at