Are you passionate about technology? Eager to make practical improvements to the world around you? Ready to embrace a new challenge and develop transferrable skills?

You might want to consider a career in electronics manufacturing.

Whether you are just starting your journey in electronics or thinking about changing direction within the industry, there are endless opportunities for development and success in this exciting sector.

Talented electronics professionals are always in demand. And with the electronics sector entering a period of recovery in the wake of supply chain disruption and political and economic uncertainty, manufacturers are especially eager to recruit and retain all sorts of talent — meaning now is the perfect time to upskill or try something new.

Intrigued? Here are five more reasons why a career in electronics manufacturing might be a great fit for you…

You look for high salaries

Manufacturers are always willing to invest in experienced professionals — especially as labour shortages threaten to slow down productivity and growth.

As the requirements for producing modern electronics become increasingly complex, the lack of highly skilled engineers and technicians is driving companies to improve their salary and benefits packages to ensure they hold onto their existing staff and attract talent from elsewhere.

And it is not just the more experienced individuals that stand to gain; Make UK analysis from 2022 found that the average manufacturing wage was 12% higher than the whole economy, indicating that jobs in this sector are well paid regardless of seniority — making this an equally excellent career path for recent graduates and entry-level candidates. 

You seek variety in your work

Careers in electronics are far from dull. Electronics manufacturers must innovate constantly to keep pace with the demand for next-generation devices, meaning this industry is fast-paced and challenging — perfect for anyone who wants to work at the leading edge of the digital revolution.

Once you get your foot in the door, there are plenty of manufacturing roles to explore — from printed circuit board (PCB) assembly to quality control management.

Plus, given the speed of change within this sector, you will likely be involved in a range of projects throughout your career — and possibly even get to work in different global locations! 

You aim for job security

If you are looking for long-term career prospects, a job in electronics can undoubtedly deliver.

Thanks to the ever-growing requirement for advanced devices and components across industries like healthcare, automotive and consumer electronics, the manufacturing sector can offer stable employment to anyone willing to keep developing their industry knowledge.

This is especially true in 2023, with companies focusing on closing skills gaps in various disciplines to ensure they can stay productive and competitive. For example, electrical and electronics engineers appeared on the Migration Advisory Committee’s latest shortage occupation list, demonstrating the value of these roles to the industry and broader economy.

You are keen to upskill

According to a WorldSkills UK report, 55% of manufacturers are experiencing shortages in advanced manufacturing skills. And yet, these capabilities will be crucial to the future of our tech-first society and ensuring all electronics products meet expectations for accuracy, performance and quality.

As a result, forward-thinking electronics manufacturers champion continuous learning — investing in workforce education to keep pace with new technologies and processes.

These circumstances offer exciting possibilities for electronics manufacturing professionals at every level. With the proper training and support, nothing is stopping you from testing out different disciplines and expanding your skillset across multiple applications.

You want to make a difference

Technology is transforming the world around us in many ways — from streamlining transport systems and improving energy efficiency in buildings to revolutionising medical services.

So, no matter what area of electronics development you choose to work in, becoming part of this industry places you at the forefront of technological innovation — with no limits to the level of creativity and critical thinking you can bring to the table.

Most importantly, you can take pride in actively solving problems and creating tangible solutions that positively impact people and the planet.

Working at EC Electronics

Every new technology and breakthrough device starts on the manufacturing build line.

So, we are committed to delivering first-class, compliant manufacturing and supply services for a range of established and emerging markets — all through our team of skilled engineers.

EC Electronics is constantly growing, with manufacturing and logistics facilities across the UK, the Netherlands and Romania that provide everything from electronic design and product realisation to PCB assembly, cable assembly, overmoulding services and electronics box build.

Through our involvement in local schools and colleges and training initiatives like the Electronics Assembly for Engineers (EAE) course, we hope to encourage more budding manufacturing professionals to join us whilst also supporting our existing staff to fulfil their potential.

We are proud to have several long-standing employees within our network and look forward to leading a more diverse team of enthusiastic individuals to success in the coming years.

Could you be our next bright spark? We would love to hear from you! Visit our careers page to view our current vacancies, or email to tell us why you want to join our team.