Why should we use EC Electronics as our preferred supplier?

Our background in electronics overmoulding goes back many years, providing a wealth of experience in overmoulding Cable Assemblies to provide connector sealing and strain relief. Today, in addition to overmoulding Cable Assemblies, we provide the latest and most cost effective moulding process for the protection and encapsulation of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies ( PCB’s ). [...]

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What type of mould tool do you recommend?

For most applications we recommend aluminium mould tools, which are quicker and less costly to produce than steel. They offer excellent performance for volumes typically from 100 – 500,000, for simple to complex moulding applications that need production quickly on a tight budget. Where there are no cost constraints and volumes are in the millions, [...]

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What materials do you use or recommend?

We use Thermoplasitc polymers ( Polyamide and Polyolefin ) i.e. polymers that become pliable or mouldable above a specific temperature and return to a solid state on cooling. They also possess excellent adhesive, moisture and UV light resistance properties, are quick to cure and are the preferred materials for low pressure overmoulding. The performance of [...]

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Why do you recommend Low Pressure Overmoulding over traditional potting or other encapsulation processes?

LPO is a 3 step process ( insert assembly > overmould > test ) versus an 8 step process for potting. This removal of process steps reduces manufacturing time, overall labour and material costs and improves throughput, resulting in increased ROI. There is zero waste, scrap is often recyclable and the process is environmentally friendly, [...]

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