Tooling and Design

Overmoulding tool design, creation and Logistics

A moulded part can only look as good as the tool it was made in. That’s why we don’t compromise on the design, manufacture and quality of our overmoulding tools.

Whether it’s for prototyping, development or production, we’re committed to producing quality tools that last. We aim to create toolsets that offer great value for money and are optimised for purpose — this is why we use aluminium moulds that offer cost-efficient tooling.

Our expertise

Our toolmaking specialists’ low-pressure overmoulding tools have been used across the world since the process was first evolved during the mid-90s. These precision mould tools are created by importing 3D CAD model data using the STEP (ISO 10303) standard to network directly with state-of-the-art four and five-axis CNC mills.

We can also work to tolerances expressed in microns or produce bespoke tools if necessary, and overmoulding tools can even be created without drawings if just parts are required. This process involves selecting suitable materials against required performance criteria, including interpreting a material’s rheology (flow rate behaviour). This is all part of the overmoulding service we offer.

Electronics Manufacturing
Tooling logistics

While we guarantee quality overmoulding tools, we also understand the importance of time to market. That’s why we go above and beyond to manage your tooling logistics. All our projects are delivered on schedule as we strive to cut lead times while maintaining our meticulously high standards. From the start of your project through to completion, we can offer a total solution.

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