Low pressure moulding materials

Our overmoulding services are based on Henkel Corporation’s brand of thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives called Technomelt (previously known as “Macromelt”), which offer superior overmoulding properties.

While there are many alternatives, we have chosen to work closely with the compounds from Henkel Corporation because this material consistently provides excellent results. The method also offers a cost-effective, reliable product and superior sealing — allowing our electronics experts to create high-quality, durable overmoulding projects which reduce negative impacts on the environment.

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Overmoulding Services
  • Based on natural fatty acids
  • Good adhesion to plastics like PA6.6, ABS and PVC
  • Low-temperature flexibility
  • Wide service temperature range
  • Each grade of material is available in both amber and black
  • Bespoke colours are available

Key characteristics

We’ll be there to offer our manufacturing guidance and expertise to support you across the entirety of the project.

Moisture and solvent-resistance requirements will be key factors in selecting a specific grade of material (the softer materials generally offer the best adhesive properties). It’s also important to be aware that most Technomelt moulding materials don’t have good resistance to solvents in combination with mechanical stress.

Macromelt/Technomelt® Material Data Sheet

MaterialTestOM 652OM 6208OM 633OM 641OM 673
PropertiesMethodOM 657OM 6208SOM 638OM 646OM 678
Specific gravity, S.G.0.980.980.980.980.98
Service Temperature, °C-40 to +100-40 to +100-40 to +130-40 to +130-40 to +140
Viscosity @ +210C ( mPa.s )40003000350070003000
Hardness @ 25°C, shore AISO 868/15S7778909288
Hardness @ 125°C, shore AISO 868/15SN/AN/A656363
Softening point, ball & ring, °CASTM E28155+155+175+175+185
Cold Flexibility °CASTM D3111-45-42-36-35-50
Moulding temperature, °C180 to 230190 to 230200 to 240210 to 240210 to 240
Viscosity @ 210° C, mPasASTM D323641003600370070003400
Dielectric constant @ 1kHz6.2 / 6.36.1 / 6.34.5 / 4.75.1 / 5.54.9 / 4.9
Volume resistivity, Ohm cm1.9×10¹²1.9×10¹²1.9×10¹²1.9×10¹²1.9×10¹²
Dielectric strength, kV / mm>20kV/mm>20kV/mm>20kV/mm>20kV/mm>20kV/mm
Flammability ratingUL94 File E182771V-0V-0V-0V-0V-0
Special PropertiesGood cold flexibilityRTI value for 6208S 95C
Adhesion Properties
Substrate Type

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