Scientific Instruments

Electronics are becoming progressively important in the world of science and research and development, with many of the world’s leading scientific and industrial instrumentation equipment manufacturers depending on reliable electronic components in their test and measurement products.

These instruments are increasingly based on integration with information management applications — such as laboratory information management systems — as well as the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and other connected technologies. Through these technologies, we are able to enhance and extend instrumental functions far beyond what we had previously imagined.

Scientific Instruments

Driving innovation

Instrument connectivity also allows laboratories, universities and other research hubs to connect their instruments to a network that can be monitored from a workstation or mobile device elsewhere — enabling greater control when it comes to conditions and parameter adjustments and data sampling, collection and analysis (as well as storage and retrieval). As remote working and globalisation continue to pick up, this advanced level of connectivity will become increasingly important.

At EC Electronics, we are well versed in manufacturing PCB assemblies, cable assemblies and electronics box builds for use in instruments across a range of scientific and medical research applications. Our industrial and scientific instrumentation customers continue to use our electronic manufacturing services because we offer a truly bespoke service, as well as flexibility, experience, advanced manufacturing capabilities and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Creating innovative products in this field requires competitive pricing, rapid time to market and ongoing development — all of which combine to make scientific instruments an incredibly exciting sector. We are dedicated to supporting your scientific instrument project from concept to reality — bringing it into market competitively through our product realisation service.

When it comes to research and scientific instruments, precision is also paramount. This is why we only manufacture electronics to the highest quality levels, including IPC-A-610 standards for PCB assemblies and IPC/WHMA-A-620 for cable assemblies to ensure optimal performance and reliability every time.

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